University of Johannesburg Hot Water Solution Auckland Park

Recent Installation December 2016

We take great pride in this new addition to our commercial installations.

Supplying 30 000L of hot water to over 680 students at the new UJ residence in Auckland Park.

Plant consists of 3 x 10 000L fiber glass heat exchange tanks connected to 6 x 55 kWatt output heat pumps.

Future Prospects

With our fiber glass tank technology, we are providing energy efficient hot water at a fraction of the cost of conventional element boilers, we cut electricity usage by over 60%.

The same developer is planning a similar development just up the road for 2017, we will be updating on this project within the next few months.

6 x 55 kWatt heat pumps

On-Site Assembly of Tanks

It took us 4 days to complete tank assembly.

3 x 10 000L tanks capable of producing over 120 000L hot water every 24 hours