Sibanye Gold Cook 1 Hot Water Solution

Installation October 2016

The old boiler system was beyond repair, and was running the risk of complete failure.

IEES supplied 8000L tank with 2 x 45 kWatt heat pumps as a solution.


Old Plant Was Falling Apart

Old plant used 52.44kWatt on average per hour VS New plant uses 19.38kWatt per hour. An average saving of 63.04%
Old boiler systems run a risk of exploding, and uses a lot of electricity to produce hot water.

Old Boiler System

New Plant Installed Within A Week

The new fiber glass tank has zero standing heat losses, and is both UV stable and acid resistant
Having 2 heat pumps we have made provision for redundancy, in case one fails, we can still produce hot water while we repair the broken unit.

New 8000L fiber glass heat exchange boiler fitted to 2 x 45 kWatt heat pumps

Complete installation with well insulated ring main resulting in a 63.04% saving on electricity.