Domestic and Commercial Projects

The domestic units can be ordered in three different configurations namely

Thermal Tower Basic
Which consists of a tanks and heat pump


Thermal Tower Plus
Consists of tank, heat pump, and back up element


Thermal Tower Elite
Consisting of a tank, heat pump, Backup Element, and Solar PV panels with a AC/DC switch.


IEES is currently supplying, and installing domestic heat pump units that are suitable for 100 – 300 liter geysers.

Typical 500L tank with 7.5 Kw heat pump, replaces all geysers in a standard house, connected to a ring main that supplies hot water on demand to every tap in the house.


IEES has successfully completed several commercial installations ranging from 2000L to 25 000L sizes.

University of Technology in Vanderbijl – installed 6 x 10 000L fiberglass tanks with 600Kwatt heat pumps. Providing hot water to 1000 students