Fiberglass Heat Accumulator Tanks

IEES designed technology that replaces the old conventional steel boiler system with new low pressure fiberglass heat accumulator tanks. This innovative technological system has proven to be far above any similar technologies available in the market, and IEES has been on the forefront of the design and supply of turnkey projects.

These tanks can last up to 30 years, and don’t need any heavy lifting equipment or rigging as each tank is hand carried and assembled on site. Each tank is fitted with a heat exchange coil inside that transfers the energy from the tank to the ring main which in return supplies the hot water to the end-user. We have been able to get electricity savings of up to 85% in conjunction with the right green energy components, e.g. Heat Pumps. IEES has proven track records on hand for some of our commercial installations.

Tanks are assembled on site

6000L tank complete and ready for installation

Completed 8000L Fiberglass tank with 2 x 45 kw heat pumps